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Lais DeLeon’s Bicep Burnout

Lais DeLeon’s Bicep Burnout

Want great biceps? Try¬†Lais DeLeon’s¬†killer finisher at the end of your bicep workout.

Alternating curls to about 90 degrees.
Curl and hold till failure then immediately grab slightly lighter weights. Continue decreasing the weight to failure until you run out of weights (or die. lol).

By holding the curl at 90 degrees (instead of at rest) you are keeping constant tension on the already fatigued muscle to promote growth and shape!

Remember that resistance training breaks your muscles down. Muscles grow after repairing and recovering. It’s important to fuel your muscles with everything they need to avoid muscle wasting.
Try supplementing with #HerAminos intraworkout to promote muscle recovery and growth. Aim to consume a protein shake like our #HerWhey and/or a balanced meal post workout.

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